SATS Stress Buster
Sats month can be a stress full time for both children and staff.

Our stress buster workshop will be fun and relaxing for all children, the content will include both high energy and relaxation activities.

Children will learn the importance of daily exercise to enhance their learning and the feel good factor exercise brings.
Further Information
Freddy Fit will challenge the children with balance and concentration activities and pulse raisers to oxygenate the brain.
Session times are to suit individual schools.
"I was extremely impressed with the whole package, totally inclusive.

The presenter was brilliant well organized had immediate impact on our key stage two pupils.

I know this programme will be of huge benefit to our school."

Mrs bramley Deputy Head
"Freddy Fit was excellent with the children, he had a superb manner and quickly engaged and sustained their interest throughout the sessions.

The workshop was very well planned and organized, the children had fun whilst learning to keep fit and healthy."

Mrs Sandra Symms, Headteacher
"We had the 'Freddy Fit Taster Day' and the impact on school was incredible, huge anticipation and excitement was created whenever the words Freddy Fit were mentioned.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in inviting anyone to visit our school to discuss the impact of Freddy Fit"

Mr Power, Headteacher,