Fire Safety

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Why Playing with Fire Isn’t Cool.

Did you know that households with young children are more have a house fire than those without kids? Some kids are very curious about fire and like the way it looks. You may not realise that although it’s very easy to start a fire, it’s not always easy to control or put a fire out.

Fire can be extremely dangerous, frightening and unpredictable. It can spread very quickly and without warning causing devastating damage to property, wildlife and people.

Fact: In a fire, most people die from breathing in smoke than from burning.

The best way to avoid fire danger is to avoid starting fires in the first place.
  • Never play with matches or lighters and always give them to a responsible adult if you find them.

  • Avoid overloading plug sockets with too many plugs which can cause them to overheat and catch fire.

  • Never use an electrical appliance if the wiring seems damaged.

  • Always switch appliances off using the switch on the wall when you are not using them.

  • Never play with fireworks.

  • Never attempt to cook or use kitchen appliances such as cookers or chip pans without help from your parents.

  • Try not to distract your parents when they are cooking.
Fact: Over 50% of household fires are caused by chip pans.

Fire Escape Plan

Would you know what to do in a house fire?

There aren’t many things that are scarier than a house fire. It can be hard to think clearly when you are frightened so it’s a good idea to discuss a fire escape plan with your family so you all know what to do in the event of a house fire.

Here are some dos and don’ts to try and remember if you are unlucky enough to be caught in a fire.

DON'T stop to collect any belongings. Just keep going.
DO leave the building straight away as soon as you hear a smoke or fire alarm.

DON’T return to the building until you are told it is safe to do so.
DO dial 999 from any phone and ask for the fire brigade once you are safe. It’s free to call.

DON'T hide, no matter how scared you are. Hiding will make it difficult for firemen or your parents to find you.
DO shut any doors open apart from the ones you need to escape. This will help stop the fire spreading.

DON'T try to put out the fire yourself. Concentrate on getting out of the building.
If you really can’t get out of a room, shut the door. Block the gap under the door with a towel or blanket to stop the smoke getting in. Stay near a window and try to let people know where you are by shouting.

DON'T EVER throw water on a burning chip pan as the water will make the boiling oil explode.

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