Science Week
Active learning is the key to the Freddy Fit science workshop it engages children in fast paced fitness activities built around four main themes.

Large color backdrops set the scene.

Bones – View the skeleton name the bones and check out some amazing facts, fun fit activities will showcase how regular exercise strengthens bones.

Muscles – Using Freddy Fit grip and arm strength gauges children will see and compare their results and view the various muscles in the body. Activities will demonstrate how muscles work, grow and repair.

Food – The Freddy Fit eat well plate visual breaks food into different sections, the plate will show children how to make good food choices when leading an active lifestyle. How food can repair, energize and protect the body.

Heart – How the heart functions and changes during exercise and rest. Fascinating facts about the veins and arteries, the heart is one of the most important organs children will see how daily exercise will keep the heart strong.

Classroom Worksheets – Follow up worksheets for both key stages will uncover more amazing facts and set various tasks for the children to complete.
Further Information
A4 subject posters can be printed from the Freddy Fit web site to display in individual classrooms.

The free web site also give further information, quizzes and games for the children to complete follow up work.
Session times are approximate to suit individual schools, Key 2 normally take the longer am sessions.
9am to 10.15am session 1
10.30am to 11.45am session 2
1pm to 2pm session 3
2pm to 3pm session 4
"I was extremely impressed with the whole package, totally inclusive.

The presenter was brilliant well organized had immediate impact on our key stage two pupils.

I know this programme will be of huge benefit to our school."

Mrs bramley Deputy Head
"Freddy Fit was excellent with the children, he had a superb manner and quickly engaged and sustained their interest throughout the sessions.

The workshop was very well planned and organized, the children had fun whilst learning to keep fit and healthy."

Mrs Sandra Symms, Headteacher
"We had the 'Freddy Fit Taster Day' and the impact on school was incredible, huge anticipation and excitement was created whenever the words Freddy Fit were mentioned.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in inviting anyone to visit our school to discuss the impact of Freddy Fit"

Mr Power, Headteacher,