Move It
Move it workshops improve PE time by half an hour per week. Your Freddy Fit coach will teach staff and young leaders how to deliver an exercise to music session to children for fifteen minutes. This can be delivered before school or during curriculum time. Children will be encouraged to lead and deliver sessions.

The Move It Workshop is a full day course that involves children from your school joining the sessions.
Further Information
Many schools have purchased our tried and tested battery powered mobile music system, music is played from SD memory cards with up to 200 songs.

Please call our office for further details.
9.15 Staff Welcome
9.30 Group 1, 60 Children
9.50 Staff Tutorial
10.20 Group 2, 60 Children
10.20 Staff Tutorial
10.30 Break
10.50 Staff Tutorial
11.00 Group 3, 60 Children
11.20 Timing and Logistics
11.40 Finish

1.15 Introduction
1.30 Group 4, 60 Children
1.50 Tutorial
2.00 Group 5, 60 Children
2.20 Finish
"Both staff and children were very impressed with the Freddy Fit sessions- so much so we have invited Freddy fit back for our family group day.

Our year six leaders are running sessions with their younger peers, and our teachers are keen to put the programme into practice across the school."

Judith Henderson, Deputy Headteacher,
"Freddy Fit has visited our school twice in the past few months and on both occasions the children and staff have found the visits highly motivational and fun. I would recommend Freddy Fit to other educational establishments as a positive way of engaging all children in physical activity."

Mrs W Mulligan, Headteacher,
"Freddy Fit delivered Circuit Training to our school the feedback from children and staff was very positive.

The circuit is an ideal way of adding skills, fitness and stamina to the PE curriculum.

We now have the equipment to facilitate the course ourselves and most importantly trained staff to deliver it effectively."

Adam Laskey, Headteacher,