Move It
Move it workshops improve PE time by half an hour per week. Your Freddy Fit coach will teach staff and young leaders how to deliver an exercise to music session to children for fifteen minutes. This can be delivered before school or during curriculum time. Children will be encouraged to lead and deliver sessions.

The Move It Workshop is a full day course that involves children from your school joining the sessions.
Further Information
Many schools have purchased our tried and tested battery powered mobile music system, music is played from SD memory cards with up to 200 songs.

Please call our office for further details.
9.15 Staff Welcome
9.30 Group 1, 60 Children
9.50 Staff Tutorial
10.20 Group 2, 60 Children
10.20 Staff Tutorial
10.30 Break
10.50 Staff Tutorial
11.00 Group 3, 60 Children
11.20 Timing and Logistics
11.40 Finish

1.15 Introduction
1.30 Group 4, 60 Children
1.50 Tutorial
2.00 Group 5, 60 Children
2.20 Finish
"Templemoor has used Freddy Fit Circuit for Life for the past 6 years to cover teachers PPA time. Children and staff thoroughly enjoy these sessions and, as a result, our children are healthier, fitter and more motivated and knowledgeable regarding their lifestyle choices. A winner all round!"

Sue Buckley
"We have invited Phil from Freddy Fit into our school several times over the last few years. We never tire of his exciting, innovative sessions both on the yard with children and parents and sessions with classes. There is a real buzz around school when Freddy Fit is on the timetable. We would highly recommend his sessions for a fun way to keep fit and promote a healthy lifestyle."

Mrs Hewitt-Lee, Miss T Millington
"Because Freddy Fit is presented in such a fun way it motivates sedentary pupils to engage in physical exercise, which in turn impacts on learning and concentration levels.

Staff training has helped enormously in curriculum and PPA."

C M Jennings, Headteacher,