How To Make A Super Healthy Lunchbox

5 mins
* 2 slices of wholemeal bread

* Sliced or grated cheese

* Ham slices

* lettuce/ salad

* butter or margarine

* 1 apple

* 1 banana

* 1 carton of orange juice, milk or a bottle of water

* 1 pot of yoghurt

* A treat (biscuit or packet of crisps)

Making a healthy lunchbox is simple, just make sure you include fruit and a healthy drink. A lunchbox filled to the brim with biscuits and crisps is not healthy and too much can make you feel sluggish at playtime.

Great drinks for your lunchbox are water, orange juice or milk. Drinking fizzy drinks is fine once in a while but drink it every day for lunch and you risk rotting your teeth.

This recipe is just one example of a healthy lunchbox. There are hundreds of things you could include in a healthy lunchbox. Mini pizza bites, pasta salad, chicken wraps, unsalted nuts and other fruits such as grapes or pears could also go in.
1. To make your sandwich butter two slices of bread.

2. Place cheese, ham and salad in the sandwich.

3. Wrap the sandwich in tin foil or clingfilm so that the filling doesn't fall out in your lunchbox

4. Put everything in your lunchbox, remember a spoon for your yoghurt!

5. If you have a flask make sure the lid is on tight so it doesn't leak out in your bag.

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