Traffic Light Quiz

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Read each question at the top. Figure out which one of the 5 foods answers the question by looking at their traffic light labels. Use the LEFT and RIGHT keys on your keyboard to move the basket underneath the right answer and catch the food when it drops. The foods will drop when the timer runs out, so be quick!
LEFT: Move Basket Left
RIGHT: Move Basket Right
A Bit About Fat, Sugar and Salt...

Some fats, like omega-3 fats are good for us and can help to protect us from heart disease and provide important nutrients for our body. But too much of any kind of fat can make us overweight so you should aim to eat no more than 70g of fat each day.

Saturated Fat
This type of fat is bad for us as it can increase your risk of heart problems. Try to eat only a small amount of saturated fat, no more than 20g each day.

Sugars are a type of carbohydrate. Sugar gives you energy but only in short bursts so it’s not good at keeping your energy levels constant. This means that after your quick burst of energy is all used up you may feel too tired to keep having fun! Eating too much sugar can also damage your teeth and may make you put on weight.

It is important not to eat a lot of salt as eating too much could cause heart problems. Try to limit your salt intake to no more than 4g each day.