Swimming Pool Chaos

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Use the keyboard to swim around and collect the coins. If you get hit by a shark, crocodile or underwater swimmer it's game over, so watch out! Collect 99 coins to complete the game.
LEFT: Swim Left
RIGHT: Swim Right
UP: Swim Up
DOWN: Swim Down

A: Swim Left
D: Swim Right
W: Swim Up
S: Swim Down

SPACE: Power Swim
Level 1: Shark Attack!
Sharks are in the pool, don't let them touch you.
Coins Needed: 0
Difficulty: Easy

Level 2: Underwater Swimmers
Sharks are now the least of your worries. Fast underwater swimmers are doing lengths in the pool, you don't want to get in their way!
Coins Needed: 20
Difficulty: Medium

Level 3: Let's speed things up...
Everything in the pool has just got a bit faster, so be extra careful.
Coins Needed: 40
Difficulty: Medium

Level 4: Crocodiles!!!
Jeepers! Crocodiles have now entered the pool, they sway side to side and love to eat swimmers!
Coins Needed: 60
Difficulty: Hard

Level 5: The swimmers are having a race!
They're fast and they are all having a race. Good Luck!
Coins Needed: 80
Difficulty: Hard

Level 6: The Pool has gone crazy!
Underwater swimmers, crocodiles and sharks all going crazy. You'll be lucky to get out alive!
Coins Needed: 90
Difficulty:Very Hard

You've completed the game, well done!
Coins Needed: 99