Super Skater Turbo

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Dodge the obstacles and collect the stars to gain points. The longer you last, the more points you will get!

You can also jump on benches and red rails to grind and gain even more points!

Be careful, it gets faster and faster!
UP: Steer Up
DOWN: Steer Down

W: Steer Up
S: Steer Down
D: Jump

How To Fall When Skateboarding

Falling certainly isn't the what skateboarding is all about but occasionally you may need to take a tumble. Here's some tips on how to fall safely.

1. If you feel yourself losing balance, crouch down. This means you won't have as far to fall.

2. When falling, try to land on the fleshy parts of your body.

3. Try rolling, it will be a lot less painful than taking all the force on your arms.

4. This may be difficult, but when falling try to relax and not stiffen.