Super Frisbee Thrower 3000

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You have 60 seconds to pop as many balloons as you can. Hit the balloons with frisbees to pop them. Good Luck!
Use the mouse to aim. Left Click to fire a frisbee.

Freddy Fit’s Park Frisbee Game:

This fast paced games relies on great reactions and judging where the frisbee is going to go.

Frisbee is great to play in big groups but can be just as fun with just two of you.

A great game to play to stand in a circle and throw to the opposite side, if you drop this Frisbee you have to do a forfeit:

Drop once - one arm behind your back
Drop twice - one arm behind your back, stand on one leg
Drop three times - sit down with one arm behind your back
Drop four times - your out!

If you catch it whilst under forfeit you go back one, so if you have one arm behind your back and catch it you go back to being able to use both arms.