Rock-It-Ball Game

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Use the LEFT and RIGHT keys to move left and right to dodge balls thrown at you.

Use the MOUSE to aim and the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire balls at the red team.

Don't hit your own team (The blue team), You get one point for every red player you hit but -1 point for every blue player you hit. Be careful!
LEFT: Move Left
RIGHT: Move Right
MOUSE: Aim and fire
What Is Rock It Ball?

Only the fastest growing sport in the world!

Called ‘Dodgeball on steroids’ by the Americans Rock-It-Ball is played all over the UK by players of all ages and abilities.

No goals, no markings, no targets – just your opponents. Score points by hitting your opponents with the ball (below head height).

Five balls in play makes this one of the fastest, most exciting sports there is.