Pairs Game

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Use your mouse to click on cards and flip them over. You can flip over 2 cards at any time. If the cards match they will disappear. To complete each level get rid of all the cards.
Use the mouse to flip over cards.
How To Play Snap

You will need a pack cards.

Snap is a fun and simple game of cards, that can certainly help you with your reactions!

The game tends to be between two players though it doesn't have to be.

A card is turned face up and then another one is. If the card is of the same value as the card played previously, then you call snap and are entitled to take all the cards.

The aim is to be the first to call snap when a card is put down, and put your hand on top of the pile.

It is a game of reactions, so the key is to make sure that there are no external distractions in order that you can react as soon as possible.