Know Your Muscles

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Use the MOUSE to drag and drop the muscle names in the correct boxes. See if you can get it right first time.
Use the mouse to drag and drop the muscle names.
How To Build Strong Healthy Muscles

Eat Healthy
Protein in foods such as meat and cheese is usually considered to be muscle food, but that won't help you build muscle on it's own. A balance, healthy diet is the best way to eat if you want to be strong.

Play Lots
Running, jumping and playing sports will keep your muscles strong and healthy. The more you do, the better condition your muscles will be in.

Can I Be Superman?
You may look at characters such as superman and want muscles just like him, but remember that they are adults - not kids. Kids bodies are different from adults, boys gain a lot of muscle when they go through puberty in their teenage years. When you're a kid lifting weights won't help much as your muscles aren't designed to grow that way. The best thing to do is play lots, eat healthily and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.