Freddy's Classroom

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The pupils are having fun and playing games in the Freddy's classroom. Click on each game to play it yourself.
Use the mouse to explore the classroom and choose a game to play.
Freddy's Top 10 Classroom Rules:

1. Always turn up to class on time. Never be late.

2. Enter the class quietly and prepare your books quickly for the lesson.

3. Don't eat in class. Eating is for lunch and break times only.

4. Follow all the instructions that your teacher gives.

5. Treat others, their work and equipment with respect.

6. Do not rock on your chair or sit on tables as this could damage them.

7. If you are unsure about something, ask the teacher.

8. Do all your homework on time and to the best of your ability.

9. Make sure you date all your work.

10. Complete all your work to the best of your ability, with good punctuation and grammar.