Be Travel Smart

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Do you go on a lot of journeys? Take a look at Freddy's advice to staying safe whilst travelling.


It goes without saying, but you should ALWAYS wear a correctly fitted seatbelt whether you are in the front or in the back of a car.

Long journeys and traffic jams can be pretty boring so it’s a good idea to take a toy or some music you can you can listen to on headphones. Driving needs a lot of concentration so you should try not to distract the driver too much by being very loud or jumping about.

If you suffer with car sickness, best to avoid reading books or comics when you are in the car. If you start feeling ill, try closing your eyes for a while - it usually makes you feel a bit better.

Buses and Coaches

Bus stops can get very busy so hold your parent's hand or stay close by and never try to get on or off a moving bus or coach. This can be very dangerous indeed.

Once safely on the bus or coach you should sit down if there is a seat available and if there is a seat belt you should strap in! If you have to stand, make sure you have something to hold on to before the bus sets off, otherwise you may fall over. You should try to sit or stand quietly so you don't distract the bus driver or upset other people who are travelling with you.


Train stations can be very dangerous places for kids so you should never play or run about on the platform. Along the edge of the platform you'll see a yellow or white painted line. You must stay behind this line at all times unless boarding a train in case you slip and fall on to the tracks.

Train tracks are electrified so you should never EVER try to run across them to get to the other side for any reason at all because you can be killed instantly. Remember that trains are so big and fast they take a long time to slow down and stop. Even if the driver sees you he won't be able to stop in time.

When getting on or off a train, you should take extra care because there is sometimes a gap between the platform and the train and you don't want to fall down it. Finally, once you're on the train, never wave your hands or stick your head out of an open train. If the train suddenly goes into a tunnel you could lose your hand or head!

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