Loud Noises

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A loud noise can do a lot more than just make you jump! Did you know that very loud noises including music can actually damage your ears and cause loss of hearing? This means that you won't be able to hear very well – or even at all. Some loss of hearing is temporary but some can be permanent.

You will know if you have temporarily damaged your ears because you won't be able to hear as well as you do normally. Your ears may feel full and you may hear a constant ringing sound. This is called tinnitus. Luckily with a bit of peace and quiet your hearing should return to normal.

Factories and building sites can be very noisy places and the adults that work with loud machinery have to wear special ear muffs to protect their ears. Listening to loud music on your headphones can actually be just as bad. Even worse, if you keep listening to very loud music a lot you can end up with permanent hearing damage!

But how loud is too loud?
  • If you have to shout to hear yourself above your music or a noise, it's loud enough to damage the delicate mechanisms in your ears. The longer you are exposed to the noise, the worse the damage that's caused. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to protect your ears and keep your music sounding as good as ever.

  • Give your ears a rest from headphones once in a while – They will appreciate it.

  • Turn the volume down just a couple of notches. If it seems a bit too quiet at first, don't worry, your ears will soon get used the volume.

  • If you go to a concert try wearing earplugs. The music is so loud you'll still be able to hear it. In fact many bands and singers wear earplugs when they perform to protect their ears so you will be in good company!

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