Being Safe In The Kitchen

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It's great fun learning how to cook. But before attempting to cook anything by yourself, you should always ask permission from a parent. If you need to use the oven, microwave, sharp knives or boiling water you must always ask an adult to help you. Not only will they be on hand to help you with any tricky bits, but you might even be able to get them doing the washing up!

Here's a few dos and don'ts to make sure your time in the kitchen is a recipe for success.

DON'T use the oven, microwave or other electrical appliances without help from an adult.
DO wash your hands well before handing any food and after touching any raw meat.

DON'T attempt to use sharp knives or scissors yourself. Always ask an adult.
DO ask permission to use the kitchen from your parents or a responsible adult.

DON'T carrying or pour hot liquids yourself without help from an adult.
DO roll your sleeves up and tie long hair back.

DON'T put anything metal such as spoons or foil in the microwave as it may cause a fire.
DO use clean, separate chopping boards for vegetables, raw meat and cooked meat to avoid germs being transferred.

DON'T leave cooking food unattended – Use a timer so you don't forget to take the food out.
DO tidy up as you go along. A clean kitchen is a safer kitchen.

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