Protect Against Harmful Germs

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What do coughs, colds, stomach bugs and chicken pox all have in common?

They are all caused by tiny living organisms we call germs. Germs are so small you can only see them with a microscope. But for such tiny things they can cause a lot of trouble.

From kitchen work tops and toilet seats to door knobs and our pets - germs really are everywhere! Germs usually try to invade our bodies where they can get the nutrients they need to multiply and produce their toxins. It’s these toxins that cause us to get ill.

Luckily for us not all germs are bad. We have our own army of microscopic organisms that live in our bodies and on our skin. Its job is to fight off bad germs and keep us healthy.

There are also a few things we can do to help stop the spread of germs too.

Germs HATE Soap and Water

In fact washing your hands properly and regularly is the single most effective way of killing germs. Make sure you wash your hands:
  • Before eating.

  • Before and after preparing food.

  • After going to the toilet.

  • After touching animals or pets.

  • After playing outside.

  • Before and after visiting ill people.
Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases

Germs just love to travel about in coughs and sneezes. If you are unlucky enough to get a cold or illness there are a few things you can do to stop those germs infecting other people.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough.

  • Always use a tissue and make sure you throw your used tissues in a bin.

  • Wash your hands regularly to kill any germs on your hands.

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